What if Jesus Went to Daycare?

Mother-Mary-11We as Christians love Mary.  I’m sure she was beautiful both inside and out.  She is the woman of all women!  She took on an enormous feat by agreeing to be the mother of our Savior. What a blessed mother! She was the chosen one…God picked HER (and Joseph) to be the vehicle for Christ to make His appearance on planet Earth. Can you even imagine?!

Why do we think when it comes to our own children that we are any different? Children are all a gift from God, created by God, to be on this Earth at a certain place and time for His purpose… all Children, not just Jesus.  Our kids may look like us but, they are not something that WE created or by any means “OURS”.  We, like Mary, have been chosen with a divine calling to “raise our children in the way they should go so that when they are old, they will not depart from it” (Prov. 22:6) …not just at night and on the weekends.

The question is not: should children go to daycare, the babysitters, and grandma’s while Mommy works?  The question is: how seriously do you take your calling as a Christian Mom and what sacrifices are you willing to make financially for “the sake of the Call”?  We all make our excuses and justifications for what we want or think we NEED to do everyday.  The tricky part about being a disciple of Christ and discipling others (includes parenting!) is that it is seldom easy or convenient. We only have a brief window of time to have an eternal impact on the lives of specific human beings, entrusted to us by God, in my case named Jon Luke and Lydia Maude.  We are steward, not owners. We are simply caretakers of God’s creation.

As Christian Moms, let us look to Biblical examples for inspiration and encouragement from women who were given a charge and accepted the Call.  From Jochebed to Mary there are so many women to look up to and find strength from in the Bible. Because, let’s be honest, mothering/parenting is one of the toughest “jobs” you will ever have!

Mary truly was the “Blessed Mother” and with God’s grace, so are YOU!

Diana Robles
“Stay at Home Mom of 2”